11 July 2012

White Water Rafting in Quezon (Kaliwa River)

Quezon, a Philippine province located in the Region IV-A, is a 4-hour commute from Manila. A major tourist attraction of the province is Mount Banahaw which is famous for its mystery and the cults staying on the mountain.

However, there is a booming attraction from this province.

In Gen. Nakar, a first class municipality, runs Kaliwa River. This is a new site for thrill-seekers without having the trouble to go very far.

This river proves a challenge both for kayakers and rafters. This river has the highest rafted waterfall in Southeast Asia, being 15 feet. And 10 kilometers down the river, the river calms down allowing the rafters to be captivated by the beauty of the scenery.

The rapids of Kaliwa River can be classified as Class III or Class IV, according to the International Scale of River Difficulty, depending on the weather condition. The river has long rapids with high waves and a lot of irregular rocks. Scouting is mandatory. And this river requires powerful and precise maneuvering, expert boatman, and good quality boat and equipments.

Getting there

By land – JAC Liner in Kamias and JAM Transit in Taft Avenue and Cubao have their daily trips. It is usually a 4-hour trip from Manila to Quezon Province.

Where to stay

Though it’s a large province, there are a few places to stay in the popular towns.

Villa Escudero, at the borders of Laguna and Quezon, offers a convenient base for trekking and other activities. While Queen Margarette Hotel in Lucena is a good place to stay if you are into mountain climbing. But if you are into swimming, Pueblo Por la Playa along Pagbilao Grande is the place to stay.


-       Quezon Province is named after the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth, Manuel Quezon

Other activities

-       Learn to surf
-       Snorkel at Pagbilao Grande at Lamon Bay
-       Scale Mt. Banahaw
-       Trek to Sta. Lucia Falls, Balabag Falls,
-       Enjoy the sun at Disguisit’s Beach, Libjo Beach, and Pamplona Beach
-       Walk the aisles of Lucban Church and Tayabas Church
-       Explore Malusak Cave, Malusak Cave, and Kinabuhayan Cave
-       Taste the local specialties (Lambanog, Pancit Lucban, Budin)


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